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How Technology Is Redefining the Concept Of Luxury in Custom Designed Homes

Today, the definition of style, personal taste and smart home technology has undergone a significant change. While it’s the wealthy homeowners that actually set the tone for custom designed luxury workmanship, it’s the tech-savvy entrepreneurs that are now changing the meaning of what luxury real estate is. Homes with all the latest gizmos are referred to as smart homes and that’s what every luxury home owner today wants.

How Technology Has Made a Place in Luxury Homes

The home has always been one place where new technology is introduced and used. While it’s common for people to add computers and the latest appliances to their homes, the latest buzz word in this space is integration. People today are looking for something beyond just individual appliances and technology-driven installations for their custom luxury homes. Instead, they are now looking at technology that seamlessly fits into every aspect and installation on their properties. This is the new concept of luxury and it’s also taking luxury real estate to the next level.

Smart Homes – The latest trends

Every home is different in its layout, the type of appliances, installations and features it has; it’s also why modern day technology is entirely customisable, and there are a number of different trends in the marketplace; some of the most popular ones are:

#1 Intelligent glass

This is probably one of the trendiest developments that many smart home builders incorporate in their projects. Intelligent glass serves as a partition as well as a window/door. If you prefer a more private indoor space, you can choose to have etched and frosted glass panels that provide elegance and privacy all at once. If you prefer a more open look, you can opt for transparent glass. This is a self-adhesive switchable film and it can be easily retrofitted to your existing partitions and windows. You can create controllable, instant privacy just at the flick of a remote/switch.

#2 Temperature Control

Maintaining vast luxury homes is no mean feat. Not only is it tedious and time-consuming, but can be quite an expensive proposition too. And while it’s true that luxury home owners won’t really cringe at the ongoing costs, they too are more than happy to save some money on utilities. Today, most luxury homes have smart thermostats – they automatically adjust the temperature of the home’s indoor spaces based on the settings.

#3 Mood Lighting

Today, there are a number of new technologies that allow people to have full remote control of their homes lighting installations. They are able to control the LED lights in indoor and outdoor spaces via their mobile devices, even from another location. When you get these systems installed, you can do everything from changing the light’bs colour to turning it off and on, as per your mood and preference.

#4 Smart Locks

Most smart homes also have keyless home entry systems installed. You can lock/unlock your front door with just the touch of a finger; this means, you can bid goodbye to worrying about forgetting your keys or locking yourself out. If you want to restrict access to specific rooms, you can use these locks for doors within your home.

#5 Video Monitoring

Security systems are a part and parcel of any luxury home planning, but homeowners are now also opting for advanced video monitoring installations. There are a number of companies that manufacture networked systems that integrate miniature cameras throughout their property; they are able to easily monitor their homes even from a remote location.

If you are building your new luxury home, you can incorporate some or all these new technologies into the structure. However, these installations can also be integrated into existing structures as required. For any more information about building a custom-designed luxury home, call us today. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained in the work and that you get a custom built luxury home you would love to live in.

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