lagoon-styled poolscape

Features Of a Lagoon-Styled Poolscape

Many luxury homeowners now want to create very natural-styled outdoor spaces on their properties. The focus is on creating leisure zones that have a tropical, exotic look and feel and this is exactly why lagoon-styled poolscapes are in such high demand. This is a very charming and alluring feature and the lagoon pool with its freeform shape becomes the element that the rest of the poolscape is centred on.

Rock waterfalls, ambient and underwater lighting and complementing landscaping create a very stunning look in your backyard. Here is a detailed description of the different types of backyard features you can find in a lagoon-styled poolscape.

#1 Rock Waterfalls

Depending on the size of the pool, you can add one or more rock waterfalls and this becomes the ideal backdrop for your pool as it adds a visual ambience. If your property is in a busy neighbourhood, you can opt for a wider and taller rock waterfall, and this can easily block out an unwanted view and disturbance; this enhances the feeling of you being in a remote lagoon.

Today, many luxury pool builders use artificial/ natural rocks or a combination of these to design authentic-looking and arresting waterfalls that seamlessly blend in with the landscape theme.

#2 Grotto and Cave Features

These features add a very authentic look to your lagoon-styled pool. Skilled designers can create cave-like spaces in the landscape (some of which can cover the pool installation). Pool caves/grottos make for very mysterious settings that beckon you to explore. Adding a rock waterfall to the inside of this wave-eroded-styled cave creates a stunning view. These cave spaces can also be segregated to accommodate a restroom or changing room as well as a swim-up bar with rock-base bar stools set in the pool.

Artificial boulders and rocks can be used in the construction of this unique cave setting as they are far lighter than natural boulders. They can also be moulded into the desired size & size and can have colours that match the theme and concept of the rest of the features in the landscape.

#3 Landscaping

The right kind of landscaping can become the perfect setting for a lagoon-style pool and can take the tropical cove theme to the next level. The poolscape designers will add lush foliage with leaves of various shapes and hues, which add a very exotic effect to the landscape; they make the pool seem like it is a natural water body.

Since we largely have a tropical climate here in Australia, it doesn’t become very difficult to replicate an island environment. If you want very hardy plants, the Autumn Crocus, Chinese windmill palm, Japanese fibre banana and Canna lilies are an ideal option. They look very much akin to tropical plants and have bold, large leaves with bright colours. They can also withstand colder temperatures.

#4 Poolscape Lighting

Regardless of how beautiful your lagoon pool is and how stunning the rest of the features in the poolscape are, you would be able to enjoy their beauty and showcase their attractiveness only with the right kind of lighting. Since you may have a cave feature and a large number of plants, having the right kind of recessed and mood lighting can enhance the exotic ambience of the landscape and add drama to the space. Outdoor lighting also illuminates the walkways and landscape and you are able to safely relax in your lagoon oasis even after dark.

For any more information about building a custom-designed luxury home with a lagoon pool feature, call us today. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained in the work and that you get a custom built luxury home you would love to live in.

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