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6 Popular Stone Flooring Options For Your Indoor and Alfresco Spaces

If you are building a new custom luxury home, are looking to upgrade some features or add new ones to an existing property, you should consider installing some natural stone elements in the interior and outdoor spaces. Natural stones have organic surfaces that help resist dust and they are a safe and durable option for flooring and wall installations. You will find that natural stones are available in a variety of finishes ranging from smooth to textured, dense to porous, machine cut to rough edge cuts and more.

This gives you the design flexibility to create the kind of look and ambience you want on your property and lend it a very unique look. Here we discuss some of the excellent stone flooring options for your indoor and alfresco spaces:

#1 Marble

This is a highly durable and classic stone that lends a touch of antiquity and luxury to any space. It’s a highly resilient stone that’s available in a variety of colours and patterns. While pure white marble looks pristine and cool, the darker hues look equally stunning. Marble is considered to be a premium material not just in cost, but in terms of appearance as well and it adds to the appeal and expanse of open plan living rooms.

If you are planning on installing marble flooring, you need to ensure that the substrate is able to handle the additional weight as it’s a heavy material. For easy-to-clean textures and slip-resistant finishes you can hone the marble after installation.

#2 Granite

This stone has distinctive grains and a hard edge; its resilience and durability make it the perfect stone for outdoor and indoor applications. You can opt for smooth polished granite flooring slabs or opt for a raw granite finish for a more earthy and rustic look. Granite is available in a range of colours including pearl, black, grey and green etc. You can also use honed granite in your alfresco areas as that creates a superb contrast with the freshness and greenery of the grass.

#3 Slate

This porous stone is perfect for outdoor as well as indoor settings such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and alfresco areas; where you want to add some drama to the space. It’s available in black, grey, gold and a few other colours and has a stain-resistant and slip-resistant surface. You can use this in combination with timber planks or flooring that’s made with natural stones like granite etc. or create a mosaic design with it. This stone has to be sealed every two years to make its surface impermeable.

#4 Sandstone

Many builders, architects and a designers use this stone to great effect in their projects. It’s available in a variety of grains and colours and is a warm and durable material. Its rocky characteristics lend your home a very distinctive look and its ideal for outdoor applications such as terraces, poolscapes, patios, decks, driveways, pathways etc.

#5 Limestone

This sedimentary stone is available in a range of colours ranging from charcoal to cream and they complement the look of all types of décor such as contemporary and traditional etc. This stone is naturally soft and porous and you can either polish or sand it to give it either a rough or tumbled look.

#6 Travertine

This is a limestone variant and has a very unique look. It’s porous in nature and the permeable surface makes it perfect for outdoor use. It’s a great surface for pool areas as it provides a slip-resistant surface and is cool to bare feet. When used in indoor applications, the stone’s pores are filled with a special resin and the surface is then locked with a sealant.

For any more information the different types of natural stone used in custom luxury homes or for discussing your project details for designing and building a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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