Eco Whisper Creates Big Waves in Wind Turbine Technology

Eco Whisper Creates Big Waves in Wind Turbine Technology

There is a lot of debate around using utility-scale wind farms and how it causes the “wind turbine syndrome”- now, these concerns have also been scientifically proven to be incorrect. However, smaller wind turbines are completely a different matter. These are used in residential applications and tend to be very noisy. The turbine’s noise is directly proportional to the unit’s rotational speed. Since smaller turbines rotate much faster than larger ones, they also end up making much more noise.

The New Entrant

Now innovative Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA)’s scientists think they have found a solution – their Eco Whisper Turbines. These are 2 wind turbine models that have been specifically-designed for residential applications and can offset small & large energy requirements. They are suitable for a range of sites:

  • Commercial, Manufacturing & Industrial – Ports, airports, mining resource facilities, industrial development sites and council sites
  • Urban Developments – Industrial parks, shopping centres, schools, universities & more
  • Agricultural or Rural – On & off-grid application with a specific focus on diesel replacement and remote communities
  • Domestic – Residential homes, small properties

Eco Whisper Wind Turbine Features

  • The engineers say that these turbines are quiet and even more importantly, they provide 30% higher efficiency compared to conventional 3-blade turbines
  • The plus is that they also have a much lower start up speed; this allows them to also produce electricity at winds-speeds that are in a range that is as low as 3.8m/s. This is approximately 50% of the start up speed of standard 3-blade small wind turbines
  • The new Eco Whisper wind turbine is also very competitively priced and is more compact compared to the 3-blade models that are being sold in the market today. The Eco Whisper is available in 2 sizes: a 6.5-meter diameter which generates upto 20 kW & a 3.25-meter diameter which generates upto 5 kW. The former is 21-meters tall, & the latter is 18-meters tall
  • These turbines have a very unique 30-blade design which offers a larger surface area to effectively capture the wind. This also allows it to extract even more energy at much lower rotational speeds. To a certain extent this reduces the noise produced by it
  • The turbine has a specially-designed cowl right around its circumference- which reduces blade-tip noise & power loss that us caused by turbulence at the blade-tips. Another cowl that s located halfway just between the blade-tips & the hub improves its mechanical stability
  • The Eco Whisper is fitted with sensors that measure wind-speed & direction. The data collected by the sensor is fed to a modern digital signal processor. If the wind speed goes above 50 m/s, the active slew-control turns its blades in the opposite direction, to prevent damage
  • The tower is also hinged and can be temporarily folded downward in case of a storm or hurricane
  • This turbine can be u
  • sed in various application such as residential, commercial, manufacturing and industrial sites. It can also be used in educational institutions and rural and semi-rural settings such as farms
  • It has a lifespan of 20+ years and is a fuel-free and clean electricity option for homes and establishments that are located in areas that have favourable wind conditions

New and Innovative Technology

This technology is innovative and proven and is now selling in the Australian market. It took 2 years to develop and has also been tested extensively and a number of commercial installations have been successfully completed. Since the time it was first introduced into the Australian market October 2011, the Eco Turbine has generated a significant amount of interest.

The Eco-Friendly Power Solution

Now, a number of new designs are also being launched to meet the increasing consumer requirement. People are now looking for cost-effective solutions for their residential and commercial energy needs. There is also a great deal of consciousness around using environment-friendly methods of energy generation. The need of the hour is to find sustainable energy generation solutions that will be cost-effective for consumers and beneficial to the environment. RESA’s Eco Whisper Turbine may just emerge as the suitable alternative for the country’s power generation needs.

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