design aspects for custom designed luxury homes

Design Aspects that Custom Home Builders Focus on for Living Spaces

The design of the interiors spaces of your home is crucial as it needs to make these areas more functional and attractive all at one. Luxury home owners have very discerning tastes; they are well-travelled and well-informed and so have developed very refined preferences in home design- they will settle for nothing but the best!

In addition to being elegant, attractive and functional, they also want these spaces to be a reflection of their personality and likings. The living spaces are also the first impression of the interiors of a home and its why custom home builders go the extra mile while designing these areas. In fact, the design and theme used here can set the tone for the design of the rest of the rooms in your home.

Builders are now getting creative at the drafts-board and making every effort to strike the perfect balance between functionality and style. The living spaces are a paradox of sorts, as they are private spaces, but more visible to visitors, than the other rooms in your house.

Design is about Functionality and Aesthetics

The kitchen and bathrooms in a home have a pre-determined purpose, and so the design concepts tend to be more defined, even before any actual designs are drawn. On the other hand, the living spaces are more like a blank canvas that doesn’t have a very specific purpose.

These areas are also far more accommodating to creativity, design ingenuity and personal taste. Again, this is why the balance factor is so important. Custom home builders might use an amalgamation of elements, features and materials to create a broader design theme that can be carried through to all the other rooms in the house as well.

At times, contemporary styles may be blended with more traditional styling to create a space that is comfortable and harmonious with the structure of the house and the setting it is in. Here are a few concepts and ideas that are being used in current day, luxury home spaces.

Creating a Style Template in the Living Area

The manner in which the living/lounge room is planned & decorated tends to become the design theme for the rest of the house and this is why home builders tend to use it like a style template of sorts. The different styles to choose from include:

Classical styling

This lends a more homely and softer look; there are light spaces done up in more neutral colour tones and the objective is to create relaxation zones in different areas of the room. The focus is on balance, proportion and detailing which go onto create luxurious spaces that have a distinct comfort quotient attached to them.

The features used could be a stone fireplace, as well as book and musical instrument displays etc. These lend a very traditional and sophisticated look, are a reflection of the personality of the owner and offer functionality too.

Contemporary styling

In these design concepts, the emphasis is on clean lines, natural light, open floor plans and features that have more precise, sharp edges. It’s possible to use bolder, solid colours to create a stunning effect in contemporary-style homes. This kind of a design theme has a palpable energy and effervescence to it that can be carried through to the rest of the rooms in the home.

Look for a Suitable Builder

Regardless of whether a luxury home has been designed on classical or contemporary styling, smart technology is also being seamlessly integrated into the design of these properties – it adds the convenience factor and makes the spaces more functional.

If you are planning on building a custom-designed luxury home, look for a builder that will be in sync with your styling requirements. For any more information about the latest luxury home design trends and concepts, call us today or contact us via this online form.

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