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How to Define The Rooms of Your Luxury Home With Black Framed Windows

Today, industrial-styled homes are an ongoing trend and its common to see homes built in modernistic styles that have industrial design décor pieces in them; these could be in the form of lanterns and sconces, furniture pieces or even artwork. One of the most stunning concepts in this type of design is black-framed windows and doors.

These features sit well with modernistic as well as contemporary-styled home; in fact they can be used in a very unique way in century-old luxury homes that need an upgrade. But are these features really a good idea? Let’s delve into this concept a little more.

Creating an impact

In the right settings, black-framed doors and windows can add an element of style and drama. They are perfect for enhancing the look of traditional and elegant interiors and work beautifully with industrial and ultra-contemporary styles as well. Many designers and architects refer to black as a “forgiving colour” and say that its why these windows look good in all types of settings.

You can apply them to any style of building and almost any other colour used adjacent to these features can be sympathetic. Everything looks stunning in black and you can also style whatever else is in that space, accordingly. Contrary to popular belief, black-framed doors and windows don’t stand out as much on wall surfaces as a number of other bright colours do; in fact, they often look just like a shadow line and then disappear.

If you are indoors and are looking out the black-framed windows and doors, this framing just disappears and you will only see out a clear window. The concept is the same as why black nets are installed on tennis courts; it helps players focus on the ball rather than anything beyond the court.

Black isn’t perfect for every space

  • We’d like to mention at this point, that if you want to actually highlight and focus on the doors and windows as a feature of your house, then black isn’t the colour you should be choosing, as they will disappear.
  • For instance, if you have white-coloured wood siding or any white, natural stone facades on your home’s structure, black-framed windows and doors will enhance the overall aesthetic of the structure, while white framing would only compete with the wall finish and the opposite is true as well.
  • This colour would also look entirely out-of-place in a luxury home that has a more airy feel with white as the predominant colour. In this type of settings, white or natural wood colour frames would have a much better effect and impact.
  • When you are using black framed windows, you need to make sure they tie in well with the exterior of the structure as well as the indoor spaces. They should blend in well with the interior design theme of your home as well.
  • If your luxury home is by the ocean or even adjacent to a garden or wooded settings, white will frame the view, while black will only blend into it. If these black-framed windows face the west or if it gets very hot where you live, the heat transfer can affect the energy-efficiency of your home. In this situation, you can opt for aluminium black window framing but ones that are thermally broken. In these installations, the plastic separators within the structure prevent the heat from the outdoors transferring between the internal and exterior frames.

An experienced builder or architect can provide advice, recommendations and ideas on how and where you can use black framed windows to good effect. For any more information about building and designing a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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