Custom designed home

Custom vs Standard Home

People often ask “What is the difference between a custom design home and a standard project home?”

In fact there are a number of differences that you need to consider before embarking on a major building project of this nature. Although you can get a good quality finish with most project home builders, there are some limitations on design flexibility and variation. Another distinction is that what you see in the display homes is not always what you get. The appealing low price can increase dramatically when you factor in any extras. Building a home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so you’ll want to know where to put your money to get the most value for your investment.

Build on a Budget

It’s crucial, before beginning the design/build process, to clearly define what you can afford. People who need financing assistance should talk to an experienced professional mortgage lender who can help determine what they can comfortably afford. This process should take into account your income, expenses, credit, assets, interest rate, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities. Unfortunately people who begin the design process without first counting the cost often design to their dreams, only to find out later they have far exceeded what they can afford.

We recommend meeting with our builder to discuss budget before you start your custom home design. We then recommend that you work closely with our designer and builder during the design process. Getting the right builder and designer involved early should result in a great plan that is also within your budget. Ensure that your builder explains exactly what you are getting and why. Making sure that your home is designed for solar passive/thermal performance is important and spending so much money on your most valued asset should be taken seriously.

Custom Designed Homes

At Miniter, custom designed homes are designed with solar passive principles and custom features in mind to suit the owner’s requirements. The designs are often more attractive, thus attracting high resale interest and value. A custom design home stands out as unique, and will never look the same as other homes on the block. Companies offering both design and building solutions under one roof are a preferred choice.

There is a perception that custom is more expensive, however custom does not necessarily mean more money, with today’s 3D technology and easily adaptable design programs, there is no reason for custom homes to be more expensive.

With each new custom home design, we create detailed specifications based on a thorough assessment your needs and we are there to support you throughout the entire process from design through to completion. Drawings and specs are based on years of experience, proven design and construction methods, with up-to date budgeting of materials and labour.

Things to Consider

When contemplating a custom home design, these are several aspects to consider:

#1 Location

Even if you build a home with great design and fantastic features, if you build it in the wrong location or on the wrong lot, it will seriously impact your investment so choose wisely.

#2 Design

You can add significant value to your home by investing in the services of a competent interior design team.

#3 Kitchen

Buyers will never complain about a kitchen being too large, with too much counter space or too many cabinets so spend what’s necessary to make your kitchen not just functional but stylish.

#4 Family Room

Families often gather together in this space so ensure that you make this room a little larger than you think you need in order to accommodate the entire family.

#5 Master Bathroom

Upgrade your master bath with a touch of luxury as this is the owner’s retreat, a place to relax and unwind. This will be an important feature that will improve resale value and give you better return on your investment.

#6 Room Size

Ensure your rooms are large enough to meet the dynamic needs of a growing family. If you’re on a limited budget, it’s better to hold off on some of the finishes than cut down the size of your rooms.

#8 Closets

Never underestimate the value of roomy walk-in closet, linen closets, and laundry rooms.

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