custom home bar design themes for luxury residences

Custom Home Bar Designs Themes for Luxury Residences

When it comes to luxury homes, there are certain features that are a norm and home bars are one of them. In fact, many homes sport more than one bar in different spaces of the home. Custom home bars are an integral part of an entertainment space on any luxury residential property; little surprise then that homeowners want to ensure that their home bar is designed with as much attention to detail as the rest of their home is.

Custom luxury home designers go the extra mile to design bars with special and unique accessories and cabinetry and they are a far cry from the kind of bars that were being designed up until a decade ago – with no-so-flattering lighting and mirrored backdrops.

Different Types of Styling

The current day custom bar design concepts serve more than a single purpose, ranging from serving breakfast smoothies to becoming the perfect setting for late-night dinner buffets. Luxury home designers are outdoing themselves when it comes to designing these entertainment and relaxation spots for their clients’ homes. Here we discuss some custom home bar design themes for luxury residences:

Modernistic styling

Many luxury homes are built on a modern architectural theme and it goes without saying that the interior design and décor is centre on this same concept. These bars may have stainless steel and glass countertops and mirrors positioned only at strategic positions along the front of the counter or wall spaces. They are built on a minimalistic style with clean and crisp lines and can have complementing bar stools.


If your home is built on a more casual design style, you are sure to want to carry it through in the bar space as well. This type of a bar serves a dual purpose and you can add coffee-making accoutrements to it; however, the barware and liquor will also be within easy reach and you can get multi-purpose cabinetry installed.

Depending on the available space, this type of a bar may have a divided and segregated floor space, each of which opens out into different areas of the home. For instance, the coffee bar counter may face the living room and open kitchen inside the house, while the liquor counter may face the outdoor kitchen or other alfresco space.

Scottish Pub Style

This kind of a custom bar design is perfect for a home that is built in a more rustic or homely style. It will have a very inviting appearance, with delicate wooden lattice work or stained alder cabinetry. Natural stone counters, hand-forged ironwork bar counter embellishments and bar stools or furniture complete the look.

Tropical theme

For a very summery or tropical concept luxury home, you would need a bar theme that looks equally cheery. This can be achieved by using the right balance of wooden features made of ipe wood, cedar and bamboo. The customised counter space can also be made with smooth polished bamboo, with a glass top. Bamboo flooring and bamboo or combination wood furniture can be used to create a very cohesive look in the space.

Beauty Lies in the Details

Regardless of the kind of custom bar counter theme you opt for, the attractiveness of the feature will be dependent on the quality of the materials and craftsmanship used. Luxury doesn’t have to really shout out loud and it’s often about the functional, minor details. Surfaces that are crafted and finished to perfection, cabinets that effortlessly and quietly click shut and open, plenty of movement space, mood lighting and impeccable styling.

For any more information about building a luxury home with smart technology features call us today. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained in the work and that you get a custom built luxury home you would love to live in.

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