Experience building Country Homes

David worked with his father for 12 years building Australian Colonial, Federation and modern architectural houses throughout NSW. His knowledge in design, products and style helped create this perfect country residence. This house was situated on the property to take full advantage of the sun and built using what is known as “passive solar building design”. Read our blog for new ideas and initiatives in the building industry.

Miniter Projects project managed and built this luxurious Hunter Valley county style home. >>

country style home builders

Eco-friendly Design:

The verandahs are sized to protect the house from the summer sun, creating an environment that allows the house to naturally cool at night in summer while adding warmth in winter. The water from the 200,000 litre water tanks is used throughout the house and the gardens. The recycled grey-water is used on gardens and lawns.

The walls, ceilings and floors are fully insulated using polyester batts and aircell blanket, we sourced polyester batts to reach a high level of insulation required for the hunter region with temperature ranges from -2 deg C to 50 deg C. An LPG tank has been installed for the HWS – 2 tonne capacity filled on site to cater for all possible needs of the client. Skylights installed for natural light and external ceiling fans for air movement to help cool the house in summer

The timber used in this house was recycled red Ironbark sourced from old bridge timbers (2 bridges as a matter of fact) and better than chopping down trees – we through our suppliers sourced these 2 bridges over 12 months to find the style, type and quality of Red Ironbark required by our client. These were milled in Queensland and transported to site where it was individually hand selected for each room to give the best result.

All ceiling heights throughout the house are 3.0m and 3.6m to the main Lounge / Dining room. Solar Hot water units using evacuated tube technology – Apricus with LPG Gas boosted instantaneous HWU in case of added requirements.

Recycled Timber:

We take pride in sourcing solid timber doors, large skirting boards and architraves in keeping with the period of these beautiful homes. We source recycled timber for the floors and may use Red Ironbark and Jarrah, leaving each house with its own character.

These timbers can be found in old bridges in the country or older buildings and warehouses. This also helps create the home’s character and limits the carbon foot print of the home. Wall Claddings – In keeping with the style of the house, we offer a number of exciting wall claddings from brick veneer to weatherboard. Weathertex weatherboards lend to the beauty of the homes.

Smarter Roofing:

Colorbond roof iron is of a lightweight construction and can harvest water. With proper choice of colour selection, your roof can also reflect the heat of summer. Our frames are either built traditionally on site or prefabricated frames can be delivered ready to install all using H3 termite treated timbers. Our craftsmen can hand pitch your roof creating the more traditional vaulted ceilings or using trusses for a more conventional flat ceiling style.

This in now unique in the marketplace with most builders / contractors installing trusses only which limits your style of room and ceiling design.

Decking and Verandahs:

Decking and verandahs have come a long way with the introduction of manufactured pre-coloured decking and using recycled hardwood or composite decking. We have used these products in a range of our homes and find them easy to maintain and long lasting.

We can also source hardwood timber new and recycled to meet precise finishes. With regard to the environment we do not use any rainforest timbers in our homes.

country style home builders