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Create The Perfect Mood In Your Luxury Home Using Colour Psychology

As a homeowner you choose certain colours while decorating your home; in some cases this choice may be based on your personal taste, while at others, it could be dependent on the colour trends that season. Colour can be used in the different areas of your home to influence your mood. Here are some insights into the concept of colour psychology, what the different colours are associated with, and how you can use them to create the perfect mood in your luxury home.


This colour is often associated with vibrancy and happiness; it’s a very bright and energising colour that works very well in areas such as kitchens and common living spaces. Depending on the hue and tone you use, yellow can make a room look very welcoming and warm; in fact it works well in hallways as well.

If used exclusively however, this colour can be a tad overwhelming and can have the exact opposite effect. If you want to get the best of yellow, you should use it to accentuate certain areas in the room against a crisp white background.


This colour has a very calming and cooling effect that works very well to add a tranquil ambience in bedroom and bathroom spaces. You can use brighter and more subtle blues, rather than navy and royal tones to encourage a more calming environment. Blue is associated with productivity and intelligence, which makes it a great choice for a home office or study as well.


This colour is definitely a stress reliever and brings to mind wellbeing and health. The colour complements the look of your landscaping which makes it refreshing and calming all at once. Green works very well in most rooms and you can use it in living rooms and dining rooms as well as in bedrooms and the alfresco areas of your property. Aside from using green wall paint, you can introduce the colour in the form of indoor plants as well.


This colour is not just aesthetically appealing and calming, it also creates a very quaint and old world look in a room. It’s not a colour that would look great in any area of your home though; and it’s best to restrict the use of pink and its shades to bedrooms and family rooms. You can also use it in a nursery or kids’ bedroom if you like.


This is a very bold colour that’s often associated with danger and aggression. Used within a residential setting however, it makes a very strong statement and works pretty well in areas such as a dining room or an outdoor kitchen and a connected alfresco space. It is said that red colour stimulates the appetite; aside from this, it is also associated with energy and passion which makes it perfect for spaces where you would be entertaining guests. The colour is just too intense in bedrooms but some homeowners like to use red as an accent colour in a monochromatic-themed bedroom.

Using exclusively one colour in a room will only make the space look flat and monotonous. You should spruce up the look of the different areas in your luxury home by using complementing colours or even a spot of contrasting ones, to create drama in the indoor areas.

You can take the advice of a colour consultant and discuss your preferences with them. They will provide solutions based on those ideas and the look you want to create in your home. For any information about building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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