If you take a consensus on exposed interior brick walls, you will get varied opinions and reactions from different people; some will say that it looks quaint or earthy, others may call it quirky while some people may consider it to be an eyesore etc. While it’s true that bold brick attracts attention, whether it appeals to you or not is entirely a personal preference.

When used in the right way and rendered creatively, a brick surface can create a charmingly imperfect look in any room. It has an organic character that is hard to find in any paint (textured or otherwise) and it’s very versatile too as it complements the look of traditionally-designed, contemporary or even eclectic interior spaces very well. So before you write-off this particular material, there are certain things you should keep in view while using exposed brick finishes in your custom luxury home.

Preserve its natural look

If you are lucky to have a custom-designed house that already has an exposed brick wall, you won’t need to make any extra efforts to show it off. But, if you want to ensure the surface looks stunning for a longer period of time, get it seal coated. This will protect the surface and help prevent deterioration over time. You can get a slightly glossy finish to add a lustrous look, but you also have the option to add a matte seal coat. It’s also important to re-grout the brick to give it a more solid surface if you find that the existing grouting isn’t in a very good condition.

Finishing options

There are numerous chic brick wall finishing ideas for custom indoor spaces and here we talk about some of them:


You can apply a few coats of white paint to the brick walls. This will give it a very chic and pristine look. This finish works very well in modern styled settings and makes the space look less cluttered. The white colour brightens the look of the room and makes it look more expansive as well.

Grey tones

You can soften the ambience of the room by painting the bricks in a grey tone. This is the median path between leaving the wall in its natural look and painting it stark white.


If you like the texture and variation of natural brick, you can stain it in a deeper & richer colour tone.

The vintage look

This is another interesting exposed brick wall finish to add to the stained surfaces. You can leave an occasional brick uncoated to create a vintage effect.

Add embellishments

If you have a room with a very long exposed wall and find there is more brick than you like, you can break up these surfaces with a mirror, furnishings as well as art. This leaves some areas of the brick wall visible but in much smaller doses.

Floating shelves

This is another way of adding the interest quotient to an exposed brick wall. For instance, if you have this wall finish in your home office, study, den or even your kitchen, you can add floating shelves to it. In the kitchen, you can use these shelves to display containers and dishes and shelves in the study or home office spaces can be used to place books, some artefacts etc. Choose the shelf materials in such a way that they complement the look of the rest of the features in that room.

There are a number of ways in which you can use exposed brick to create the effect you want in any space in your luxury home. For any more information about designing and building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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