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Hiring a Buyer's Agent when buying property from Overseas

Why a Buyer’s Agent is So Important When Buying Property from Overseas

Buyer’s agents are also called buyer’s advocates; these licensed professionals specialise in searching and evaluating as well as negotiating the purchase price of property- they act on behalf of the buyer. They are not real estate agents who largely represent the property’s seller; on the other hand, a buyer’s agent looks after the interests of the person who is buying property. Read more

Benefits of Renovating your Luxury Home before Selling

The Benefits of Renovating your Luxury Home Before Selling

Let’s start with a few facts first- Today, 90% of people looking to buy a luxury home will begin their search on real estate sites. They will also form their first impression about a home in less than 10 seconds. People who stage their homes get 343% return on investment. Unfortunately, it just isn’t enough if you really want your home to look exclusive and unique. Take a look at the benefits of renovating your luxury home before selling. Read more

What is the Foreign Investment Review Board

What is the Foreign Investment Review Board and What do They Do?

The Australian Government is very open to the idea of foreign investment; this has helped build the economy in the country and enhances the wellbeing of people as it supports economic growth & prosperity. Before an overseas investor commits to buying property (residential or commercial), in Australia they have to seek approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). Read more

Reasons why Australian Property is Great for Overseas Investors

Reasons why Australian Property is Great for Overseas Investors

For years, Australia has been a hot destination for overseas investors and people from across the world want to get a slice of the Australian real-estate pie. As per the Reserve Bank of Australia, foreign investment in various residential properties has increased from $6 billion/year in the 1990s to over $17 billion in 2012-13. By most current estimates, the value of the foreign approvals for residential property purchases exceeded 12% of the total dwelling turnover. Read more

Luxury House Prices in Sydney2

Luxury House Prices in Sydney, What you Can Expect

Buying real estate of any kind is a big investment and if you are buying a luxury house, that investment can be even more significant. It goes without saying that everyone buys property based on the budget they are comfortable with, but it’s also a fact that prices of luxury homes in Sydney are going through the roof and even the very wealthy are now reconsidering their decision about the size of property and kind of home they want to buy. Read more