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Luxury Home

What to Consider when Buying a Luxury Home

Luxury living spaces aren’t something that happen by accident. The homeowners, builders and architects who are part of that project go out of their way to ensure that these homes are rendered in a very special manner & that it has all the elements which can categorise it as a luxury home. It’s always a mix of various factors that give a home its “luxury” tag. And so, when you are buying such a home, there are certain things to consider when buying a luxury home: Read more

Hiring a Buyer's Agent when buying property from Overseas

Why a Buyer’s Agent is So Important When Buying Property from Overseas

Buyer’s agents are also called buyer’s advocates; these licensed professionals specialise in searching and evaluating as well as negotiating the purchase price of property- they act on behalf of the buyer. They are not real estate agents who largely represent the property’s seller; on the other hand, a buyer’s agent looks after the interests of the person who is buying property. Read more