Make a Style Statement With Stylistic Mirrors Arrangements in your Living Room

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to your custom home and you don’t need to restrict your creativity when you are getting them designed. You can get unique mirrors that are not only functional but have a distinctive aesthetic appeal too. Your custom home is probably filled with interesting features and installations, furniture and artwork that […]

Ingenious Ways to Add Bookshelves in Your Custom Home

Most custom luxury homes are expansive and have dedicated spaces for various activities. But there are times when you may not want to allocate an entire room for a specific purpose like reading. However, if you are a book lover and want to have plenty of space to stack your books neatly you need to […]

Highlight Your Interiors with LED Strip Lighting

If you want the interiors of your home to look inviting and attractive, you need to ensure that all the spaces are planned expertly and that the materials and installations are chosen with care and attention to functionality and aesthetics. But all of this will come to naught if you don’t have the right type […]

Chic Brick Wall Finishing Ideas for Custom Indoor Spaces

If you take a consensus on exposed interior brick walls, you will get varied opinions and reactions from different people; some will say that it looks quaint or earthy, others may call it quirky while some people may consider it to be an eyesore etc. While it’s true that bold brick attracts attention, whether it […]

Why Concrete Flooring Is the Perfect Choice For Luxury Interiors

When you think about concrete floors, some of the first words that come to mind are “industrial”, “dull”, “boring” or “cold,”. But concrete has long shed that cloak and can no longer be described using all those adjectives. Today, you will find beautifully finished, polished and textured concrete flooring in luxury homes across the country, […]

Interesting Ideas to Texturise Your Luxury Home with Terrazzo

Terrazzo history is centuries old and dates far back to the Greek and Roman civilizations. However, it came into the limelight in the 1400s when Venetians started using the material in various features and installations. At that time it was introduced into the market as low- cost flooring option and was largely used in outdoor […]

Basic Guide When Considering Using Limestone For Your Patio

Limestone is a material with a distinct charm. It’s been used by ancient civilizations across the world to create stunning monuments and buildings. In modern-day landscapes, it can be easily used to create an old-world/antique look and is an excellent choice for contemporary terraces and patios. Limestone is available in a variety of colours and […]

Learn How to Work Brown Hues Into Your Custom Luxury Home

Browns are a very popular decorating choice. They look warm and rich, adding cosiness to larger spaces and drama to more compact ones. Many people like using brown in their décor and interiors and the colour has an earthy, rich quality that’s hard to beat. It’s also very versatile and can complement and uplift the […]