benefits to having large glass window and door installations

How Your Luxury Home Can Benefit From Large Glass Window and Door Installations

The large glass window and door trend isn’t a new one; it’s been around for almost 8 years now and luxury homeowners are keen to add expanses of glass to their new builds. These features add to the elegance and grandeur of a custom luxury home. This trend is growing due to the fact that people want to create large and open spaces and they like to make optimum use of both, the indoor and outdoor areas of their homes.

Outdoor living is another trend that’s here to stay; and large glass windows and doors lend themselves beautifully to this concept. Standard patio, balcony and terrace sliding doors are making way for folding glass doors and windows. These are better suited for various applications; and ultra-high-end home builders are using wide-opening window and door systems in their luxury home building projects.

The unique touch

Some noted window and door manufacturers also provide unique solutions such as doors that sink into openings in the floor when they aren’t in use, or doors with curved glass panels etc. Property owners are always on the lookout for some novel and new features that will make their home stand out. Many homes are built on a contemporary styling; and while builders do focus on the design and architectural elements, they also prioritise aspects such as functionality and optimal use of the available space.

And so, when they are adding glass windows and doors to their project designs, they plan these installations with great care. This is because these features are visible, from the inside and outside; this makes the function & placement of every window a vital aspect in defining the home and the different areas in it.

The benefits

There are a number of benefits to having large glass window and door installations in your luxury home, such as:

Bring in natural light

They deliver natural light into the farthest spots in the indoor areas of your home. When these installations are planned well and positioned correctly, the perpetually changing light that streams in through the windows can dramatically transform the interiors.

Improve indoor air quality

Having a properly ventilated home is much more than just opening up one or two windows. When cleverly positioned roof windows are added to a structure, these in combination with large doors and windows in walls, create updrafts that very effectively funnel the warm air into the outdoors. This promotes indoor air quality and more comfortable indoor temperatures. In fact, if these installations are planned well, it can add to the energy-efficiency of your property. These windows and doors can channel fresh air into your luxury home’s farthest areas.

Picture windows

As mentioned earlier, large glass panels provide excellent views of your well-manicured landscaping as well as the views outside. You don’t always have to install folding or sliding windows. Adding picture windows that have fixed glass is a great way to reinforce your home’s connection with its immediate surroundings.

Eliminating the divide between indoor and outdoor spaces

While most luxury homes already have a large footprint, it never hurts to add some more living space to an already large area. That’s exactly what massive patio doors help achieve. You can easily transform a 1,500 sq feet living room into 2000 sq feet by installing wide doors to the patio, deck or balcony outside. While many people are opting for folding door systems, many luxury home owners stick to the slide/lift systems as they can accommodate the larger glass panelling with a very slim framing profile; and that’s exactly what luxury homeowners want.

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