attention-grabbing ceiling designs

Attention-Grabbing Ceiling Designs to Add Sophistication to Your Custom Home

When designing your custom home, you put a lot of thought into which materials to use for the flooring and the colour theme for the walls. You probably get custom furniture designed and make sure that all the rooms have the right kind of lighting and décor etc. In addition to all these aspects, when you are looking at the bigger picture of designing your home, you should also a pay careful attention to the ceiling design as well.

A ceiling showcasing elegant design and styles can have a positive impact on the overall appeal and ambience of the room. Here are some attention-grabbing ceiling designs to add sophistication to your custom home:

#1 Moulded ceiling installation with fulcrum lighting

It is possible to create stunning ceiling moulding in plaster; and skilled gyprockers with steady handwork can create a ceiling that is art in itself. The recessed areas can be adorned with fulcrum pendant lighting as well as track lighting at strategic points in the ceiling, based on the dimensions and shape of the room.

#2 Geometric square design ceiling

Many architects use sculptural design to create a unique geometrical effect on the ceiling. This design is ideal for a low-ceiling room as it lends depth to the space and lends a certain depth to the space.

#3 Middle-Eastern design ceiling moulding

If you have a room that has been deigned on a Moroccan theme, detailed and glamorous ceiling moulding creates a stunning look. The intricate moulding will complement the exotic floor motifs and elaborate chandeliers and carved furniture pieces.

#4 Silver-leaf work ceiling

This is a great design for a high-ceiling entranceway. You can use warm teal colour paint for the ceiling and complement it with silver-leaf motifs that emulate tin tiles. This look can be accentuated with a chain chandelier installation that will blend in well with the silver work. Include flowing white sheer curtains and an oversized mirror on one wall of the space to create an elegant and stylish look to your home’s entranceway.

#5 Faux ceiling design

A concentric circle designed ceiling can create drama in a room. If you have straight-lined furniture, that can be offset with this design. Use a lighter-colored ceiling if you have dark-colored furniture and vice versa. This will balance out the room in a better way.

#6 Timber ceiling with a criss-cross pattern

Wood has a classic appeal that’s hard to beat. A criss-cross patterned wooden ceiling is a great accent feature in a more formal-styled living room. Each of the coffers can be accentuated with a glass filament bulb to create a mesmerising light installation that lifts the appearance and mood of the room. This ceiling design should be used to demarcate the seating area and the natural grain of the wood can be coupled with green walls.

#7 Dimpled ceiling design

If you have a very simplistic styled living room or bedroom space, you can afford to have a more elaborate ceiling there. A dominating dimpled ceiling design can be created by placing round basins within the framework of the ceiling before casting the moulds. This can become the focal point of the room and can offset the clean and clear lines of the simple furniture in the room. You can include some upholstered furniture to this space to create a stunning yet unconventional ambience.

For any more information about planning your luxury room layout or for discussing your project details for designing and building a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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