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Aspects Of Elegant Home Office Design For Luxury Interiors

Business folk travel across the globe, attending meetings and conferences, sealing multi-million dollar business deals with companies and establishments in different locations. But today, technology has shrunk the world and many people now don’t feel the need to travel as much, to various locations for business meetings.

Their home offices are the hub from where they manage a lot of business-related functions. In fact, they may also invite business associates over for important discussions there. This is why the humble home office has undergone a transformation, and many luxury homes now sport fabulous and elaborate home office spaces. It goes without saying that these areas should also be designed with as much creativity and attention to detail as all the other spaces in the custom designed luxury home.

Important Factors To Consider

There are a number of aspects that have to be taken into consideration while designing home offices, such as:

#1 The Furniture

There will be different types of furniture pieces in the home office; the chair and desk automatically become the elements that the rest of the features are centred on. These are 2 basic pieces of furniture that every luxury home office will have and they should be designed for comfort, with the right amount of style. You should make it a point to choose ergonomically designed furniture that will provide you the right level of comfort even if you have to work out of your home office for longer periods of time.

Of course, you don’t have to opt for a typical office chair, and can get your designer to customize a good study chair for you. The seat and arms of the chair can be upholstered in furnishing that complements the rest of the features in the room. You have the option to choose colours that blend in with the wall and furniture colour. Alternatively, you can add an interesting design twist to the room, by using a contrasting colour for your chair and table.

#2 Lighting Matters

While you don’t want any harsh, industrial style lighting in your home office, you would want a certain amount of task lighting. This would have to be placed at the desk as well as in any other corner of the room where you think you may want to sit and work, while you aren’t at your desk. In addition, you should consider getting concealed track lighting fitted in the ceiling. This will lighten up the space without making it excessively bright. Use LED lighting and techniques such as recessed lighting and down-lighting and install dimmers as well. This will help you achieve the right ambience, based on your requirement.

#3 Glass Windows and Doors

Much luxury home now lean heavily on open floor plans and the objective is to make these large spaces look even more expansive. If that is how the rest of your house has been designed, you may want to carry that design theme through to your home office as well. You can install floor to ceiling windows. If the study has a separate exit point into a garden or landscape area, you could consider using large sliding patio doors there. Install custom blinds and draperies or any other specialised window treatment you like. This will add to the elegance and comfort level of the room.

The key lies in being creative and adding elements and installations that will create a cohesive look and a comfortable work zone. This will add to your productivity levels and you will be surprised to find that the right kind of home office can become the perfect space for you to work in.

For any more information about designing a home office on your luxury property, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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