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Artwork in Bathrooms is the Latest Trend in Luxury Homes

A luxury home is unique because every feature and installation is custom-designed to be in-line with the preferences and needs of the owners. The artwork may be commissioned to complement the indoor and outdoor features in the space. Even areas like bathrooms and kitchens are designed with care and attention to detail. The latest trend in luxury homes is the addition of artwork in bathrooms.

Art collections have been used to grace stunning hallways and living spaces; and some custom luxury homeowners display various artwork in their bathrooms. They are far less cluttered than many other rooms in the house and it makes them the perfect backdrop for artwork as it resonates well in these smaller spaces. Even in homes that have spacious master bathrooms, dramatic artwork becomes an excellent focal point for the room.

Designing Bathrooms Around Great Artwork

Many custom luxury home designers take this concept one step further and design bathrooms around their client’s artwork collections. For instance if the artwork that is to be displayed in the bathroom is modernistic, the bathroom wall can be clad with natural stone tiling and black & white accents and stainless steel finishes may be used to add drama to the space. Recessed or subdued lighting can be used to accentuate the clean lines of the modern art.

If you have a collection of smaller, off-beat paintings, they can be used in a cluster style and along with a complementing classic dresser that can be refitted as a vanity. This area becomes the perfect backdrop for these smaller pieces that would otherwise just fade into the background in any larger room in your house.

If you have smaller powder rooms on the lower level of your home, adding some art to the walls helps these spaces stand out. For example, landscape paintings are best viewed at eye level and when these are displayed in smaller bathrooms spaces, they immediately lift the look of the room.

Artwork isn’t always restricted to walls and some luxury owners like to place antique furniture in their bathroom spaces as well. Sometimes the pieces are too small to be appreciated in a larger space and you can install carved wood panels or wooden or antique wrought iron settees in your bathroom to complement a vanity or dresser of the same styling.

Things To Focus On

While placing artwork in a bathroom is an excellent design choice, there are certain things you should focus on such as:

  • Ensure your artwork is well-protected and that it is properly tucked away or recessed.
  • Place your artwork out of the way of steam showers, sinks and bathtubs.
  • If you have smaller sculptures, those are best displayed on custom pedestals positioned against walls; you can place such sculptures on high shelves too.
  • If you do want to add some artwork to your bathroom, avoid watercolours and paper sketches as well as antique scrolls and textiles as these are more prone to moisture damage. Instead, opt for anything made from hardwood or ceramic.
  • If you want to display an oil painting in a bathroom space, consider getting it enclosed in a glasslike box – this will protect it from the steam and humidity.
  • Any art pieces that you display in a bathroom should be kept away from direct sunlight.

The bathrooms in your home are as much a reflection of your personality as any other room; adding artwork to a luxury bathroom is a great way to enhance the ambience of these spaces. For any more information about building a luxury home with custom-designed features call us today.

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