architectural styles for custom designed luxury homes

What Architectural Style Should You Choose For Your Luxury Home?

If you are all set to hire a home builder to custom-build your luxury home, one of the first things you would have to decide is what styling you want to use for your house structure. There are a number of designs and style aesthetics to choose from and the builder will be able to guide you about different concepts and architectural themes.

Luxury Home Architectural Styles

It is a good idea to look at design magazines and conduct a bit of research online, and be aware of the latest trends; however, its best to choose a styling that will suit your sensibilities and one that will be more than just a passing trend. The few basic categories you can divide luxury homes into are:


This is quite a popular architectural style and many homeowners like the simple yet elegant design concepts that are used in this style of home. These designs are perfect for people who love to work hard and play hard too. The main concept behind this style is that the indoor areas of the home blend in effortlessly with the outdoor areas.

The focus is on creating stunning alfresco zones that are an extension of the expansive and open indoor spaces. Designer fittings and skylights or high glass windows that let in plenty of natural light are the highlights of contemporary home design.


This is another popular architectural style that Australian luxury home builders use in their projects. These homes look stunning and fit in beautifully with heritage environments. They have moulded doors and windows, large verandas and elaborately structured columns to support them. These large semi-open spaces are ideal for the Australian weather; and the timber flooring, and embellishments such as cornices add to the allure of your colonial style home.


Classical structures look elegant and classy and have a subtle style that never fails to impress. This architectural styling has stood the test of time and Georgian styled homes are always valued pretty high on the real estate market. If you are looking for a home structure style that will stand the test of time, this is what you should opt for.

It is typically a mix of contemporary and old world architecture and has a very exotic look. With this particular architectural styling, you have the flexibility to use a combination of fixtures and accessories that have a traditional as well as contemporary touch. The indoor spaces of these structures are all characterised by wide staircases, doorways, large lobbies as well as custom stone fireplaces etc.

The styles we talked about are just 3 of the many architectural styles you can choose from, for your luxury home. Regardless of the architectural style you want to use while building your home, it’s important that you consult with a reputed and credible custom luxury builder. They will provide consultation services and advice about which features you could add to your home and the kind of materials and elements you should opt for.

Consult with your builder

You can use the information mentioned above, as a discussion point, analyse which one will match your requirements best and then finalise that design and style with your builder. Since you will be getting your home custom built, you have the option to add any features you like, choose how much space you want to allocate for the indoor and outdoor areas; and this helps you enjoy your home in a more unique manner.

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