alfresco design trends for luxury homes

How Alfresco Spaces Add Value to Custom Designed Homes

Current-day luxury home owners have extremely discerning tastes; they look for unique features and elements to decorate their custom-designed homes with. They are well-heeled and well-travelled and have a significant amount of exposure to various interior design trends. They want the interior areas of their home to be impeccably designed and focus on ensuring that even the outdoor spaces are designed to perfection.

Pools and patios are a basic feature in a luxury home, but the definition of luxury has undergone a significant change. Homeowners now want various amenities added to the alfresco areas and want to turn these spaces into true extensions of the indoor areas of their home to create a seamless look on their property.

Alfresco design trends

Luxury home designers are now pulling out all the stops and creating alfresco spaces that have stunning furniture and customised textiles. They are making extra effort to co-ordinate the design of the living rooms, patios and decks, balconies, terraces and poolscapes. Today, these features are more of a given and aren’t really considered just a value-add. Take a look at what’s trending in alfresco space designs:

Four-Season Outdoor Living Room

The focal point of this space is generally a fire feature such as a fireplace, fire pit , fire channels, or even a stone hearth. Adding one of these elements turns the outdoor area into one that can be comfortably used right round the year.

Sydney weather lends itself beautifully to alfresco living as the climate is rarely ever extreme. Since most luxury homes have expansive outdoor spaces, many property owners opt for 2-sided fireplaces; these create a clever demarcation in the outdoor space, even as they provide sufficient warmth to the areas on either side.

Poolside cabanas

These are a very popular poolside feature; the current-day installations are specifically designed to serve multiple purposes. Not only do they provide sufficient shade from the harsh rays of the sun, but they can also be tastefully furnished with a kitchenette, barstools as well as a full-sized dining table . Property owners like to be able to spend a day basking in the sun, by the poolside , without feeling the need to go indoors. In short, these open spaces become their private oasis.

Custom-designed flourishes

One of the simplest and most effective ways to add style to alfresco spaces is to place carefully-selected, custom-designed furniture there. Imported furniture from places like Japan, China and Europe are used to add a sophisticated and contemporary touch to the outdoor spaces. Luxurious fabrics, elegant pillows and seating in rich upholstery create a seamless look between the indoor and outdoor living areas.

The other features that are being used to create a stunning effect in these alfresco spaces are, wall-to-wall disappearing glass patio doors that afford stunning ocean or landscape views, vaulted ceilings and expansive open spaces. Alfresco dining sets with custom designed and woven upholstery are now a very popular feature in patio alfresco spaces.

Creating a natural ambience

Many designers are now adding natural rock work, cascading waterfalls, infinity pools as well as natural looking features like meandering streams that are lined with river rocks etc. All these unique elements and modern styling go to create a whole that lends drama in the outdoor spaces of luxury homes.

Custom home designers work very closely to achieve an effect that’s in sync with their client’s preferences. Elegant and sophisticated luxury is what alfresco spaces are all about. For any more information about the latest luxury home design trends and concepts, call us today at +61 0414 998 727 or use this contact form to keep in touch.

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