Home Renovation Projects you should consider

8 Home Renovation Projects You Should Consider

There are times when you feel you need to refresh the look of your home but want to go beyond simple redecorating such as changing the curtains or cushion covers and adding new furniture etc. This is when you consider doing home renovation projects that will bring in the change you need. There are a number of features you can add or alter; here are 8 home renovation projects you should consider for the biggest impact:

#1 New Front Door

This is one change that is simple yet impactful and it also increases the value of your home. For instance, if you have a traditional wooden door, replace it with a more modern-styled steel and glass door. It will also require much less maintenance and enhance the overall look of your property. You can also switch to a complete glass door with unique designs and designer glass. This will throw interesting light patterns into the house and help create a distinctive look. While you focus on aesthetics, keep the function and energy-efficiency factors in view as well

#2 New Garage Door

This may seem like an improbable renovation project but if you have a street-facing garage door, replacing the garage door adds to the curb appeal of your property. Interestingly, it also enhances the look of a large portion of the façade of your home at a very minimal cost. Ensure that the new door matches the existing exterior look

#3 Fibre Cement Siding

This is a very stylish feature you can add to your home. Adding siding gives an immediate lift to the exterior appearance of the structure and there are a number of styles and colours of siding to choose from. The contractor who will handle this job can give you some advice about the materials you should be choosing

#4 Install a Wooden Deck

If your home does not have a deck, consider adding one- It adds expansiveness to the indoor spaces and brings the outdoors inside. It’s also a great way to create a seamless transition from the indoor space into the yard. You can choose from wood or even a composite deck, based on your personal liking and budget. If you like, you can add decorative custom-made railings to the decking and place a few planters and install a fire pit if you like. This outdoor space adds instant appeal to your property

#5 Kitchen Renovation

This does not have to be a complete overhaul; you can make some minor changes and create a bigger impact. For instance, consider adding a stylish and functional butcher block countertop or some glass splashbacks. Update the kitchen cabinets or add some track and task lighting to the kitchen area. If the kitchen overlooks the living room, this enhancement will add allure to the overall look of the latter too

#6 Window Replacement

This is a slightly larger redecorating project but worth the effort. You have the option to choose between wood, aluminium or vinyl. Ideally you should opt for the material that complements the look of your home. Energy efficiency is another factor you should keep in view while replacing windows- the latest multi-pane energy-efficient windows are a good choice and they will help in lowering your air-conditioning bills

#7 Attic Remodel

This is a classic redecorating project and adds to the living space in your home. You can turn the attic areas into an extra bedroom. This upgrade is something you can consider if you feel you need some extra space, but don’t really want to move into a new home. This renovation project will also significantly increase the value of your home

#8 Basement Renovation

This is one more area you should focus on renovating. Turn it into a playroom, home theatre, a study space, library, home gym or even an extra bedroom that can be used when you have many guests visiting. This too will add to the resale value of your home

These are just some of the renovations you a can consider. Based on your specific needs, the available space and your budget, you can also get skylights installed or maybe add an extension such as a sun room to your house. The key is to ensure the new features add to the aesthetics, function and value of the existing space.

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