Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe

7 Features of a Luxury Walk-In Wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is a feature that many luxury homes have. They add to the overall grandeur of the home and lend it a sense of style. But these areas are not just about space, they are also a lot about good planning and ensuring that there is a place for everything. In this respect, there are some features that a luxury walk-in wardrobe should have. Here are 7 of them.

Luxury Walk-In Wardrobe Features

#1 Floor to Ceiling Storage Space

This is one of the first aspects that have to be taken into account when a luxury closet is being designed. There has to be sufficient hanging space as well as drawer space to ensure that all your designer clothing is easily accessible. There should be shelves and drawers of different dimensions & the rods should be at different heights – this will help you hang all your beautiful clothes in an attractive display.

#2 Wardrobe Mirrors

You can have a 360° mirror installed if you like, but if you feel you want a little mystery, get a 180° mirror instead. Don’t forget to place an elegant step-stool in the space – this will help you preen in front of the mirror and judge your look in a better way

#3 Jewellery & Accessory Station

You are sure to have a large collection of watches, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, ties etc. It’s important that you have smooth, velvet-lined rolling drawers to place all these in. An upholstered chair is another essential fixture in this space. You will need it to sit in front of the vanity and it will also allow you to see all your handbags and clutches more easily as they hang within reach

#4 Shoe Shelf

This is one more must-have in any luxury built-in wardrobe. The large collection of shoes you have will need proper shelves. These shelves can be custom made and will have to be installed at various heights – it will help you place shoes and boots of different styles comfortably on them

#5 Seating Arrangement

Based on the amount of space you have in your walk-in wardrobe, you should consider having a seating arrangement. This should be plush and comfortable. You will find it’s a great space to sit down in, and contemplate which outfit you want to wear that evening – as a matter of fact, it can become an ideal de-stress zone too

#6 Lighting

This is a very important feature of any built-in wardrobe in a luxury home. The kind of lighting you have in this space will go a long way in helping you decide which clothes you want to wear on a particular day. Stark white light can be very unflattering- it’s best to have soft lighting. The deeper shelves should have lighting of their own and so should the jewellery and accessory station

#7 Pull-Out Ironing Board

If you are not too sure whether this is something you are going to need, think again. There could be days when you simply let your clothes lie around in heaps and forget about them till the time you need something specific from there. This ironing board should be discreetly mounted inside one of the cabinets. You will simply have to fold it out when you feel that a few creases on a tuxedo or an evening gown need to be ironed out

The Luxury Quotient

These are just the basic features that a luxury built-in wardrobe should have. It goes without saying that the space should be well-ventilated. Place dehumidifiers in the room if necessary and run them once in a while. It will help keep the air fresh and clean. The floor should have plush carpeting or a hardwood floor spells class too. When it comes to the luxury quotient, there are a number of features you can add to this space.

Since the built-in wardrobe will be an extension of your bedroom, ensure that the styling complements that of the latter and that the design theme and colours seamlessly transition from one space to the other. What you add will depend on your own personal styling and the space available in your luxury walk-in wardrobe. The focus should be on styling, practicality and functionality.

For any more information about planning your luxury home, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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