Luxury Home Building Trends in 2015

6 Luxury Home Building Trends that will Wow!

If you are building a luxury home, you are sure to want to know what’s trending in the construction space. There is a change in trends every year and you can’t really change the overall design of your home once it’s been built- but when you have a stylish home, it can be renovated or updated in the manner you like, over the years. There is a distinct difference in the way a luxury home looks and is structured. Take a look at 6 luxury home building trends that will wow.

Luxury Home Building Trends in 2015

1. Industrial Warehouse:

Style living concepts are becoming very popular. There was a time when everything that was ornate or elaborate was likened to luxury- but that is not the case now. Today’s luxury home builders and architects are focusing on building homes that are simplistic in design but are still luxuriously appointed. In this respect, the designs are becoming more vividly urban. There are free-flowing spaces which have sleek raw finishes and striking angular lines. A lot of metal and glass is used in today’s home structures

2. Energizing Architecture:

Even if your home has a narrower footprint, using an energizing architecture helps in creating a much more open and spacious look, which adds to the overall grandeur of the luxury homes. These kinds of home spaces have feature staircases and skylights and very stylistic outdoor spaces. There could be use of wood in the structure but lighter wood species like pine etc are used instead of hard-woods which are heavier and darker in colour.

3. Coastal Designed Architecture:

Sydney and many other cities in Australia are situated in coastal areas and it goes without saying that there will be a number of luxury homes along the coast too. Today, many luxury homes sport a weatherboard boat-shed charm and wear a very relaxed coastal styling. The focus is on creating luxurious spaces; and lighter pastel colours are being used in the decor. There are pops of colour in the form of throw rugs or accent walls. This kind of luxury design features sweeping natural stone entryways that lead to even more sweeping living areas; which in turn open out into expansive alfresco areas that capture the best of beach-side living.

4. Luxury Building in a smaller space:

Today, a lot of people are building luxury homes on narrower lots. Designing a home that looks and spells luxury in constricted spaces can be a challenge, but that’s what creative architectural design is all about. These spaces are built on a minimalistic style and have chic and linear gardens- these are complemented with linear water bodies that reflect the taller build style of the home. The presence of water creates a sense of lightness and it looks like the home is floating amidst the landscape.

5. Larger Rooms:

The concept of luxury living has changed in a big way. Now, the focus is not on having a larger number of rooms, but on having rooms that are larger. For instance, all the rooms on the upper storey may have balconies and the entire home will be covered with parquet flooring which lends a distinctive touch of luxury without seeming loud or overpowering

6. Country Designed Architecture:

Some home build designs never go out of style and luxury homes in 2015 are sporting a homestead-inspired styling. These country styled homes have generously-sized rooms and elegant settings inside the home, as well as on the property. Large entry hallways and the use of natural stone are also making a comeback.

The Luxury Living Quotient

In addition to the actual architectural styling of the home, a luxury home also has the best materials, the latest technology and appliances, uses eco-friendly materials and will have customised decorative accents in the living spaces as well as in the landscaping. Homes are also being constructed with acoustic materials (a quieter home is also a more luxurious home.

As you can see, luxury homes are definitely in style, but the trends in what constitutes luxury have changed. People want luxurious homes but ones that are low-maintenance and eco-friendly too. They are opting for fancy gadgets and smart appliances as well as apps that turn their homes into smart homes – the definition of luxury in the building space has changed. Are you in-synch with the times?

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