stunning formal dining room design ideasstunning formal dining room ideas

5 Stunning Formal Dining Room Design Ideas

Most luxury homes are quite expansive and have ample space for large informal and formal dining areas. It’s true that in today’s fast-paced world, most people find it very challenging to schedule time for elaborate, formal family dinners. But when you are planning your custom luxury home and incorporating a formal dining room, you’d want to get the layout, plan and styling right.

Here are 5 stunning formal dining room design ideas that will not only create the perfect space to entertain guests; but may encourage you to make some more time for formal sit-down dinners with your family as well.

#1 Classic Victorian-style dining room

If your home structure leans more towards Victorian architectural styling and the décor is the same, you may want to consider getting a classic, Victorian-styled dining room designed. You can have a large dark hardwood dining table with tufted velvet furnishing chairs made of the same wood. Choose darker solid-colour fabric or something with Victorians-styled large flower prints. You can complete the look of this setting by including a brown glass chandelier above the dining table.

#2 Industrial chic

Some homes are styled on more modernistic design and have décor that’s almost industrial in appearance. While this style is minimalistic and clean, it won’t suit every home. However, if you prefer industrial décor and features in your home, you should consider getting a mid-century inspired dining table with an industrial twist- build this in tarnished metal and have chairs of the same material. You can use a glass table top or one made of granite and install an industrial chandelier above the table. Stick to grey-black theme but add a pop of colour with an accent wall as a backdrop.

#3 The eclectic dining room

If you don’t mind experimenting with new interior design concepts, you may want to style your dining room in a crisp, elegant eclectic style. Use slate or granite floors with a wooden border that runs along the periphery of the room; this lends a “framed” look to the space. Opt for black iron furniture that is custom-designed to match the look of the rest of the furniture and features in your home. This type of styling is great if your formal dining room also opens out into an alfresco area that has similar style outdoor furniture as well.

#4 The wood effect

Many custom luxury homeowners like the look and feel of solid wood and use various species of wood in their interior spaces. Not only does wood lend a very warm and inviting look to the interiors, but gives you a chance to play with the rest of the décor and colours. This is because most hardwoods have a natural appeal that complements different interior design styles. If you like something unique, you can choose to panel your formal dining room in wood as well; then use a solid wooden table and cane-backed chairs to complete the look.

#5 Black and white never goes out of style

This is another minimalist style that is best-suited for homes that have been designed and built on a modern architecture concept. An African Ebony or Walnut wood table with a bevelled glass top with chairs in the same wood with white velvet furnishing can look eye-catching and subtle all at once. You can include a vivid oil painting on one wall of this dining space to lend some relief to the otherwise monochrome theme.

These are just a few of the myriad formal dining room designs that can add oomph to your custom luxury home. For any more information about custom luxury home designs, call us today.

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