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5 Inspired Luxury Bathroom Materials Ideas for Your Designer Home

Luxury home design trends come and go, and while it isn’t always necessary or possible to be in step with these trends, it does help to know what these are, if you are planning on getting any upgrades for your home. We are almost half way through 2016, and some trends that started out strong at the start of this year, have managed to hold their own.

Older materials make way for new

Bathroom spaces in luxury homes get as much attention as the living spaces do. Let’s take a detailed look at what the latest trends in luxury bathroom ideas are:

#1 Metals

This year, there have been a comeback in metals. In 2015, there was a bit of brass being used, but this metal has made its presence felt in a major way this year. In addition to brass, silver, stainless steel, platinum as well as brushed steel are very popular finishes for luxury bathrooms. Some people feel that metals like brass look very loud; but that isn’t really the case.

You can find very simplistic and modernistic styled bathroom fixtures and fittings made of brass. You can also choose to make some simple additions like changing the cabinet knobs to new metal ones; or you can replace your old faucets to spruce-up the look of your bathroom.

#2 Timber features

Timber is one material that has made a comeback on the luxury bathroom scene. Today, people have access to a range of purpose-designed timber features; these enable people to bring in an earthy and natural feel into space where there was almost a taboo to using wood. Many luxury home designers are now incorporating timber in their projects and using it as bathroom flooring, wall cladding as well as in sink spaces.

#3 The natural touch

While wood does lend a very natural touch to any space, there are other materials such as river rock and natural stone that also add a very earthy look to bathrooms. It can be used on walls and floors as well as on bathroom furniture, baths and sinks and your vanity tops. There are a number of minerals and materials that contrast with each other and that lends a tactile and visual texture to the room. Polished stone sinks and kiln-fired ceramic ones are being used in place of standard porcelain fixtures.

#4 Modernistic spatial designs

Many homeowners are now opting for indoor spaces that are less cluttered and more chic, with clean lines; and this design preference has also made an appearance in luxury bathroom design. The streamlined look has made a major comeback. The other aspect that people are focusing on is practicality and functionality and bathrooms now have adequate storage space for toiletries. All items are tucked away to enhance the uncluttered look.

#5 Handmade features

This is one thing that definitely adds beauty and a sophisticated look to your bathroom. Today, interior design is a lot about customisation; you will see handcrafted, custom-made tiles being used in a big way in luxury bathrooms. Artisanal tiles are considered unique and attractive because of their imperfections. They lend a very rich texture to the bathing space and create a stunning ambience. These can be paired with featured stone – the texture of this stone contrasts the natural veining of the stone and adds to the overall appeal of the bathroom space.

As you can see, luxury bathroom trends and ideas like these are very different from the ones that existed even up until a few years ago – when the focus was on opulence. Today, elegant and sophisticated, quiet luxury is what bathrooms are all about. For any more information about the latest luxury home design trends and concepts, call us today at +61 0414 998 727 or use this contact form to keep in touch.

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