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5 Elements Each Luxury Bathroom Needs to Have

If you have luxury home, it goes without saying that you want all the spaces to be in-sync with this concept. This means, you also want your bathrooms to be luxurious. Today, bathrooms have become areas that people relax and unwind in and many are also aimed at creating a spa-like ambience and experience within the walls of a home. So, what are the elements of a luxury bathroom? Here are 5 of them:

#1 Space

This is one of the most basic factors of a luxury bathroom. Utilitarian bathrooms are small in order to allow for more room in the other areas of a home. And so, naturally, a spacious bathroom spells luxury. Of course, it’s not always possible to create more space unless you are gut renovating, and creating additional square footage may not always be an option. In this case, the one way to create an appearance of spaciousness is to remove all the visual clutter; choose a more monochromatic colour theme and some additional luxury qualities.

#2 Light

When you think of more light, think large walls of windows and skylights. Just like space, light is one commodity that may not really be easily available and it adds to the luxury quotient of a bathroom. If your bathroom already has very large windows then do away with the window dressings if you aren’t close to neighbours. If not, just opt for sheer window coverings which let in more sunlight. If your bathroom doesn’t have any windows or has air-shaft views, focus on adding lighting which mimics natural light.

#3 Materials and Fixtures

Luxury bathrooms will always have natural & beautiful materials, both on the walls and floors and you should try using river rock, marble, teak and granite – all from nature and all of which spell luxury. In addition to these materials, acquire the best fittings such as tubs, countertops, faucets and knobs. Use this appropriately to bring in a sense of balance with the natural materials that have been used. While you are focusing on the aesthetics, don’t ignore the functionality aspect. Here are a few things you can do:

  • If there is enough space, add a second sink (it’s not as expensive as you think it is)
  • Replace the showerhead with one that has beautiful finishing
  • Invest in high quality exhaust fans – these aren’t strictly a luxury feature, but they will help in maintaining the air quality and control humidity; and luxury is a lot about creating the right environment too. You will find that these are available in a range of materials and colours to match the look of the bathroom.

#4 Texture

This is a very important aspect of a luxury bathroom; texture makes you want to touch. Whether its stepping onto a plush sheepskin rug when you get out of the shower or sinking into a warm tub that is surrounded by soft velvet curtains, these textures create luxury. The one hurdle in having these features in bathrooms is that they are high maintenance. Bathrooms are wet & steamy and are not the best place for elements such as these. You can vary texture in other ways. Use contrasting stone floors, a rock or teak mat and add plush bathrobes and towels.

#5 Detailing

Decide what kind of bathroom design you want- you can choose between modern and sleek concepts to more traditional ones. Floor heating, free-standing baths and contemporary fittings, use of technology for showers and Jacuzzis are now becoming very popular trends. Focus on creating a sense of grandeur with just a hint of opulence.

If you want to take the luxury aspect a notch higher, think about bronze embellishments, sofas and fireplaces- anything that will make the space look unique and personalised.

You don’t have to go over the top but can still create the perfect look with detailing. Today, addition of music systems and wall mounted TV’s are also considered to be the essentials of a luxury bathroom. Regardless of what your definition of luxury is, it’s possible to create it with the right mix of space, light, materials & fixtures, designs and detailing.

For any more information about planning your luxury home, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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