alfresco design trends for luxury homes

How Alfresco Spaces Add Value to Custom Designed Homes

Current-day luxury home owners have extremely discerning tastes; they look for unique features and elements to decorate their custom-designed homes with. They are well-heeled and well-travelled and have a significant amount of exposure to various interior design trends. They want the interior areas of their home to be impeccably designed and focus on ensuring that even the outdoor spaces are designed to perfection. Read more

the ultimate luxury home

Tips to Building the Ultimate Luxury Home

When you are building a luxury home, you know you want the best of the best. You want your home to be a reflection of who you are, the lifestyle you lead and your tastes and likings. You want it to have an upscale look, with all the latest features and gizmos, but you also want it be luxurious and comfortable. However, this isn’t something that will happen by chance; and you would have to hire the services of a luxury home specialist builder or architect, to give form to your vision. Read more

luxury bathroom materials ideas

5 Inspired Luxury Bathroom Materials Ideas for Your Designer Home

Luxury home design trends come and go, and while it isn’t always necessary or possible to be in step with these trends, it does help to know what these are, if you are planning on getting any upgrades for your home. We are almost half way through 2016, and some trends that started out strong at the start of this year, have managed to hold their own. Read more