Hiring a Buyer's Agent when buying property from Overseas

Why a Buyer’s Agent is So Important When Buying Property from Overseas

Buyer’s agents are also called buyer’s advocates; these licensed professionals specialise in searching and evaluating as well as negotiating the purchase price of property- they act on behalf of the buyer. They are not real estate agents who largely represent the property’s seller; on the other hand, a buyer’s agent looks after the interests of the person who is buying property. Read more

Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe

7 Features of a Luxury Walk-In Wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is a feature that many luxury homes have. They add to the overall grandeur of the home and lend it a sense of style. But these areas are not just about space, they are also a lot about good planning and ensuring that there is a place for everything. In this respect, there are some features that a luxury walk-in wardrobe should have. Here are 7 of them. Read more