Home Renovation

How to Add Your Own Personality to your Home Renovation

When you walk into a home, the first thing that strikes you is about how much it reflects the personality of its inhabitants. All homeowners build/buy their homes with a lot of care. They ensure the layout is going to match their requirements and that the styling of its architecture matches their tastes. When it comes to designing and decorating the home, they take extra care to choose the décor and make sure that all the rooms wear a cohesive look. Read more

Luxury Home Building Trends in 2015

6 Luxury Home Building Trends that will Wow!

If you are building a luxury home, you are sure to want to know what’s trending in the construction space. There is a change in trends every year and you can’t really change the overall design of your home once it’s been built- but when you have a stylish home, it can be renovated or updated in the manner you like, over the years. There is a distinct difference in the way a luxury home looks and is structured. Take a look at 6 luxury home building trends that will wow. Read more

Benefits of Renovating your Luxury Home before Selling

The Benefits of Renovating your Luxury Home Before Selling

Let’s start with a few facts first- Today, 90% of people looking to buy a luxury home will begin their search on real estate sites. They will also form their first impression about a home in less than 10 seconds. People who stage their homes get 343% return on investment. Unfortunately, it just isn’t enough if you really want your home to look exclusive and unique. Take a look at the benefits of renovating your luxury home before selling. Read more