10 must-haves in a luxury home

10 Must-Have Features in a Luxury Home

When it comes to design and build of luxury homes, builders are now pulling out all the stops. They know their clients are discerning, well-travelled and exposed to the latest home design trends, want only the best and trendiest materials and features in their luxury homes. If you are planning on getting a luxury home built, you have the option to inform the builder about the different features you want, and the look you want to create.

Custom Designed Features for your Luxury Home

We’ve put together a list of 10-must-have features in a luxury home. This may help give you some design ideas in addition to the ones you already have:

Exotic theme

If you are building your home, the focus should be in a specific vision and theme. Ensure that the design of your home makes it a statement piece – think about concepts such as Tropical island inspired homes or even a Mediterranean villa. You can also use a Zen concept if you like. Even though that is quite minimalistic in style, it can be made to look very luxurious.

Nothing less than 1000 sqft of living space

Since this will be your family home, all the areas should be spacious. Build your luxury home without scrimping on space; that itself is a luxury factor.

Tastefully designed water features

A luxury home will have more than one swimming pool and a spa and Jacuzzi are essential additions too. The pools should have spa jets as well as wet edges. If space permits, build a pool just outside your bedroom. Glass privacy screens with water running down from the top create a stunning effect, as do features such as fountains and rick waterfalls and custom designed meandering streams.

Three levels

A luxury home that is spread across multiple levels looks stylish, creates drama on the property and provides you the privacy you need in different rooms of your home.

A kitchen space on every level

When your home is spread over multiple levels, that will mean there are a lot of stairs. It’s a good idea to have a small kitchen on each level – after all, you don’t want to go too far every time you want a small snack, do you? Imported marble countertops, island counters and the latest, advanced kitchen equipment is something your kitchens must have.

Internal lift

This is almost a must in a multi-levelled luxury home. Opt for an internal lift installation with some very stylish feature – maybe you can get a very large lift installed, or one that’s made entirely of glass.

Plenty of bathrooms and more than one powder room

Just one bathroom per bedroom aren’t sufficient. You should consider getting more bathrooms built at strategic locations across all the levels. While you do this, don’t forget the powder rooms. These aren’t really bathrooms as they are largely for visitors that want to use a washroom.

Tennis court and a home cinema

This is one more addition to entertainment rooms and pool houses. Some luxury homeowners also have mini golf courses installed on their property, gyms and billiard rooms too. The home cinema installation should have tiered seating with recliner-style seating. Add the latest LED lighting, projector TVs or massive LCDs.

Other Luxury Features

Apart from this, a library, his & her studies, sweeping studies and a private guest wing. A wine cellar is becoming another must-have feature in luxury homes. Other addition such as security engineering, the latest lighting and music features and Wi-Fi access across the property obviously.

If you are planning on building a custom-designed luxury home, look for a builder that will be in sync with your styling requirements. For any more information about the latest luxury home design trends and concepts, call us today at +61 0414 998 727 or use this contact form to keep in touch.

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